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OK, here's what I'd like you to do for me today as an experiment in my just-now-christened Project: Positivity:

Leave a comment on this post saying something nice about somebody else -- preferably something you've never said to that person before!

I'm not saying to spill your guts about some long-pent-up crush -- that's what [ profile] aroraborealis's annual Confessional is for. Though I suppose you can if you really wanna. But do you think someone has a fantastic way with words? A nifty wardrobe? Do you think they're an awesome parent/partner/friend, or maybe a spectacular cook? Do they have beautiful hair? Are you impressed with their intelligence/talent/dedication/passion/wit/hygiene? Let them know!

Oh sure, you could say nice things somewhere else, perhaps more directly to the complimentee -- in fact, I might recommend you leave a comment here and let the person know directly. I do realize that LJ might not be the most efficient way to spread these compliments. But look, I'm giving you a convenient place to be kind, and a way to have gathered a bunch of warm-n-fuzzy comments in one place! I'd hope it'll make everyone feel good to read the nice things other people have to say. And hey, maybe it'll make you want to get to know someone better, perhaps seeing some random bit of wonderfulness you didn't know before!

Be aware that this post is public, but anonymous comments are allowed.

So -- be nice! Go!


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