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  • Have an interview on Monday with The Video Game Company. This will be one of those all-day extravaganzas, where I wind up talking to eleven people over the course of the day, several of whom have the word "Senior" in their title. I'm a little nervous about it, but not too much so since I have the advantage of not needing the job. If I don't get it, it's not the end of the world (which, apparently, was yesterday).

  • Have an interview next Wednesday morning for a contract job which doesn't sound like it would be T3h Best Thang Evar, but would pay me more than here and hopefully not drive me as batshit crazy. The initial tech interview went well, so I have hopes that this one will go well.

  • Better than those two options put together, though, is the fact that the Big Seekrit Thing looks like it might actually happen. [ profile] wiley_b and I (and our potentially-future CTO) have to put together a prototype of some tech in the next three weeks or so to show the Big Guys With The Money, but I'm not too worried about it because at this point it's all tech we can do. (The later tech that we're not as sure about just yet... well, we'll have time to figure out how to do that later.) If Big Seekrit Thing happens, it would be absolutely fantastic for me both personally (the chance to work with two of my best friends on a project that actually sounds challenging and fun) and professionally (getting to have a ridiculously inflated title and increased responsibilities at a startup, which will look better on the resume should the startup flame out).

    And if Big Seekrit Thing happens, I'd be working from home here in North Carolina for a little while... but eventually (read: likely in a year or less) would wind up re-relocating to the Boston area.

    As I said in a reply to [ profile] wiley_b's related post, I don't have any fingers left to cross, so any fingers anyone could donate to cross for me would be most appreciated.


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