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One of my heroes inspires me by taking inspiration from another one of my heroes:

“I think Stephen King said some great things in On Writing — the main bit that I took away from that is the idea that you really have to sit down and do it. Treat it like work, spend a few hours TRYING to write every day. Sometimes it will be good and sometimes it will be bad, but there will be a lot of it. And really, it’s not the creating that’s the hard part, it’s the decision to sit down at your desk and start working.” — Jonathan Coulton, interviewed on, April 17, 2007

And another one of my heroes uses a quote from yet another to slam home a similar point:

“Yes, this is a form e-mail. Because I get asked this question a lot:

‘How do I become a comedian?’

The answer is very simple. It’s so simple, that no one can ever accept that it’s the ONLY WAY. But rest assured, the lucky few who understand how simple it is, and go and do this simple thing, ALWAYS succeed:

Go onstage a lot. Go onstage as much as you can.

Don’t read books on comedy. Don’t take comedy classes. Don’t ask anyone how you should write material, or what they think of your material. Develop on your own.

Go onstage. A lot. Every night. If there isn’t an open mike in your town, start one.

And then go onstage. A lot.

That’s it.” — Patton Oswalt, quoted by Warren Ellis, May 9, 2007

I’ve been bad lately. Pathetic, more like. I admit it. I haven’t had the mental energy to sit down and start working — or more likely I haven’t made the mental energy to do so. Not only have I not written anything here on the blog, I haven’t written anything at all. It’s an ugly, demoralizing circle I’ve found myself in: I’ve been in something of a funk and not writing, and not writing has driven me into even more of a funk.

Well, now it’s time bust that loop and kick off Operation: Defunkify.

It’s time to rediscover exactly what it is I’m wanting to do and refocus my energies in that direction. I know that part of what brings on my funk is losing my way, and even when I was writing before the funk came on, I could feel that way-losing happening. It’s time to do get out the map and do some course correction.

I can’t promise the results will show here on a daily basis, but they might. But if any of you have any additional inspirational bits of wisdom, I’d be all about hearing them. Bring ‘em on.

And wish me luck.

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So a couple of questions for those of you Out There who write fiction:

• How much or how little do you know about your characters or story before you dig into the actual writing? Do you allow yourself to make them up on the page or do you do significant amounts of pre-writing?

• How many different projects do you generally have going at one time? Do you tend to focus all of your energies on one story at a time or bounce among your projects?

• Do you write your stories in chronological order? In the order in which the events will be read? In whatever order the events occur to you? Alphabetically by chapter name?

I know where my answers to these questions come down (Not enough; too many; starting from Page 1 and moving forward) but I'd like some different perspectives 'cause I don't feel like the way I've traditionally tried to do things is working out all that well for me. Time to try some new approaches, I think. So what works for you guys?


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