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I must confess: I'm one of those throngs of people who all but abandoned LiveJournal for other, younger, sexier social networks. But for all of the ease-of-use those sites may (emphasize may, depending on the site) offer, the ability to click a single link to interact with friends and bestow tiny droplets of positive feelings... I've been feeling largely disconnected from my community, and I think a big chunk of that is because I've gotten away from the place where more personal thoughts and discussions are the norm.

I haven't had anywhere to put the stuff that's more personal to me -- while I could, in theory, use Google+ for that, it's never felt right. Oh sure, I've put out plenty of pithy little one-liners on all of those other networks, but it's not conducive to the sort of solipsistic navel-gazing I'm prone to.

And I'm likewise missing out on the more personal posts from lots of you folk. I keep finding out bits of information way after the fact that I feel like I should have known earlier, and might have had I been keeping up with LJ better.

So hi, LiveJournal. I'm re-entering your orbit. (And I know I'm not the only one, as I've seen others come to similar conclusions!)

More to come.

(This is my first written-for-LJ post since June 12, 2011. Eep.)


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