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I got depth of perception in my text, y'all

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Birthdate:Feb 10
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
2017 Update: OMG this is so out-of-date! Some of what's below is still true. Some very very much isn't.

What I used to be: a bad little monkey.

What I am right now: a father of three, a husband, a writer, a pop-culture fiend, wicked smaht, an artist, questioning my purpose in life, a left-leaning long-hair, a helluva nice guy (maybe too much so), a software engineer, polyamorous, an INTP/5w4sp, learning to be a Bostonian, exploring and expanding my boundaries, not quite as shy as I used to be, a good listener, a multi-purpose geek, learning to embrace my own particular flavors of kinkiness, laid back, a diabetic, a crush-o-holic, not as quiet as you might think the first time you meet me, tall, a graphic designer, a wee bit selfish, compassionate, and other descriptors, too.

"The Universe loves everyone. Why do I have this idea? Because I don't believe that there are favourites played. It's all random and thus it's all even and it's up to folks to notice. Everyone gets loved but not everyone sees it."weegoddess

"Having a gifted brain is like having a truck: everyone else wants to use it to haul their heavy shit."— The Filthy Critic
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