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Yes, I know things have been awfully quiet around here lately. I go and get my eyes fixed and all of a sudden, what, I don’t feel like writing anything anymore? What’s with me anyway, huh?

Well, I’ll admit I’ve been more than a bit depressed lately. I don’t want to get into all the whys of it here, but between being down in de dumps and being in one of my very inward-facing phases, I haven’t written a damn thing lately. The problem there is that one of the best ways for me to combat depression is to write my through it. So consider this the start of that.

(It always helps when I’m depressed to put things in some sense of perspective. Even with all of the crap we’ve had going on, I’m still so incredibly, incredibly fortunate and blessed compared to at least ninety percent of the world, and I do know that. I’m physically healthy, my family’s healthy, my kids are happy, I’m not especially wanting for anything material, I’m not being persecuted, and I’m not, so far as I’m aware, in danger of being displaced or executed as part of an ethnic cleansing. Things could be so much worse.)

One of the best ways for me to beat off depression is to focus on all the wonderful bits of my life, all of the things big and small which make me truly happy. To that end I’m enacting 100 Days of Squee, during which I’ll attempt to touch on many of the things, people, events, places and whatnot which bring me some amount of joy. These things might be tiny details or big pictures, important or frivolous, tangible or ethereal. I’m going to try to be as specific as possible with most of the squees because the entire point of the project is for me to look back over the list later when I’m down and remind myself of the things that make me happy so I can beat the down away.

Also, I’m saying this right up front just to take some of the pressure off of me with this project: it’s entirely possible I won’t actually finish all one hundred days. I’m notoriously short of focus with this kind of thing, so if I feel like I’m done and feeling better after, say, fifteen or twenty days, then that’s cool. But I’m certainly going into this with one hundred as the goal.

So that’s that. The project will kick off on Tuesday and I’ll try to update it most weekdays for the next four months or so. Squee ho!

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