Jun. 1st, 2010

allizon: (Bad bad little monkey (Curious George))
You don't want to have to comment on my site (or Terry's) and would like the option of commenting here, which is entirely reasonable. I was trying both to build traffic and interest in our respective sites and to consolidate commenting in one (preferably public) place in order to foster discussion.  (I most certainly do not want any backwards links from my public site to my LJ -- vastly different intended audiences!)

But I have to listen to my friends/readers, and several of you have indicated how little you like having to comment there or have outright refused to do so.  So I'm backtracking and re-enabling commenting on the LJ copies of my posts from our sites for all future posts.

I will ask, though, that those of you who are willing to comment Out There please continue to do so.  Having you awesome people discussing stuff out on the sites hopefully encourages other, random non-LJ people who stop by there to get involved.  If you really don't want to do that, or have something to say that you'd just rather leave here, that's totally fine and why I'm re-enabling LJ comments. But I'd appreciate it if you could still use the site commenting sometimes, too!


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